Tina Turner & Cher: Special Request

Throughout the years, they’ve shared performances, a special bond and icon status in the purest form = two distinctive female rockers who are unable to be duplicated and ruled through the decades of music. Back in 1975, Tina Turner and Cher performed together on the “Cher” show, in 1977 on the “Sonny & Cher” show and at Caesar’s Palace with Oprah in 2008. With these unforgettable shares in mind, I just recently discovered another. Cher released the strong willed and heartfelt song “Games” in 1982, on the album “I Paralyze” and Tina Turner covered it. After listening to both amazing versions of this timeless song and realizing that it’s April 8, 2017! 20 days away from the anniversary air-date that they performed together on “Cher”, April 27, 1975… It made me sentimental and provoked me to pen a special request to Tina & Cher for a new recorded track together & live performance!


Readers! below you’ll find both versions of the song. Let Tina & Cher know what you think and just how much you love the dynamic of this duo!

Cher singing “Games”

Tina Turner singing “Games”

In the same year of 1985 Tina Turner starred in the movie Madmax Beyond Thunderdome & Cher in the movie Mask. I’ve wondered several times why these two haven’t been paired in a movie together?! I’m putting the idea out there, so someone please start writing it!!!!!


Tina Turner & Cher Divas Live 1999


Once Upon A Time…


Once upon a time there was a girl with an enigmatic personality and a colorful pen. She wrote a little story that went something like this…

Discovering she was in the hands of not only a murderer, but also a lunatic she tried to reason with him. “Okay, this is just guilt making you react this way. Maybe, you’re bipolar. You made a mistake and just need help.” Becoming more irritated by her and in a hurry to get his answers he grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her and yelled, “I’m not crazy! Just tell me who and what you are!”
“A human being! Let go of me!” In their ruckus they didn’t hear anyone enter the alley until he felt an elbow nudge the left side of his head and jabbed both fists to his upper body. As he stumbled to the ground, emerald called out in relief, “Cin. We have to call the police. It’s the guy I saw on the news earlier.”
“Wow, I knew something was wrong. Let’s get out of here first.” Cindy said, being completely stunned. She grabbed Emerald’s arm and they ran out of the alley to a strip closer to the gym.

Finally, they were amongst bystanders and stopped to catch their breath. Emerald pulled out her cell to dial 911, but looked panicked while staring at her phone. Staring directly at her Cindy asked, “Are you okay?”
“Cin, I can’t dial the numbers.”
“What do you mean you can’t dial the numbers?” Before Emerald could say anything further, Nessa spotted them while leaving out of the gym and asked, “Where have you been?” Interrupted again, Caleb managed to sneak behind Emerald with his weapon out and grabbed ahold of her.
“If you don’t wanna see her hurt keep moving.”
“Oh my God.” Nessa panicked and Cindy tried to reason with him, “You don’t have to do this.”

The Gifts -10

“They’re my sisters. You said you just needed me to answer some questions, so let them come. I don’t want them to worry.” Emerald pleaded.
“Alright, in the alley now.”
Almost in the same spot as before Caleb asked her who she was again and she answered, “I’m Emerald Wright.”
“Okay, occupation?”

Seeing this as an opportunity to get help, Nessa discreetly started dialing 911. At the same moment Cindy flinched as if she were possessed and someone took over her body. She blurted out, “Otoke Mentie!” Startling them all, Caleb turned his gun towards her releasing a what the hell. Feeling and looking disturbed by it, Nessa interpreted it. “Help him. It means help him and I don’t know how I know that.” Coming back to herself Cindy stumbled to the ground. She was conscious, but drained from her experience. Emerald and Nessa both rushed over and helped her up. “What’s going on?” Caleb said with fear and suspicion.

Angered that they all were being affected by the situation Emerald yelled, “You’re asking us! What is it, witchcraft? I tried to call the police on you and I couldn’t even dial the numbers. What did you do?!”
“I didn’t do anything. I told you I couldn’t leave. I still can’t. I only feel free when I’m with you!”
“You need God! Not me! My sister needs help and we’re leaving now.”
They grabbed a tighter hold of Cindy and started to head out. Caleb didn’t try to stop them or come after her this time. Hopeless, he dropped to his knees and put the gun to his head. At the cock of the gun thunder struck abnormally loud. It made the girls jump and stop in their tracks. Like a magnet forcing them to turn around, they did. A tree lit up as if gasoline aligned every fiber and someone threw a match. It was all they could see.

They heard a voice speak to them, “Do you not know the book I left you concerning your spiritual gifts? I would not have you ignorant. By the spirit one is given the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit; to another faith; to another the gift of healing; to another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another the discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues, to another interpretation of tongues. For as the body is one and hath many members, all members are one body. Whether one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member be honored, all members rejoice with it. Now ye are the body of Christ and members in particular. Go and suffer with him, so that he may be made honorable.”

The Gifts -11

Thunder struck once more and hard rain fell, following the tree departing back to its normal state. The moment unfroze and they could now see Caleb about to pull the trigger. “No!” Emerald yelled out to him, while running towards him. Caleb looked up panting. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she held his face and told him, “Caleb, we’re Bounty Hunters and God sent us here to help you. Do you believe in Him?” Since the rain fell hard no one could see him cry, but his body wouldn’t allow him to hide what he felt. His chest heaved and as he lowered the gun he answered, “I do now.” Emerald grabbed and held him. Standing behind them, overcome by all they just beheld, Nessa and Cindy managed to smile…

Read the rest of the story by purchasing, The Gifts, at Amazon.com goo.gl/UTM5NI

Find more excerpts below.


Ever Afters…

By: The Washington


I’d rather original works be continued, rather than be remade. Here are some of the TV/Movie character couples I want to see more of in their ever after and who deserves a proper one…

V.I. Warshawski (Airdate: July 26, 1991)

With penned projects, there’s nothing more satisfying than all compartments of a written work being beautifully designed. This exquisite building that housed the two couples I love, was structured to give off a classic noir appeal and it did in each arrangement. Vic’s slick & clever dialogue, the locations; like the docks and The Golden Glow Cocktail lounge where she asked Sal for, “the shoes”…The romantic element, the unexpected & everlasting bond. The characters. The actors. The story. It’s a piece where each compartment evenly carried its weight and introduced two memorable couples I’d like to see more of.

The 1st pair is Victoria and Kat… Kat is the daughter of Victoria’s new boyfriend, who is murdered, leaving the girl in Victoria’s care. Distraught about her dad, she hires Victoria (a private investigator) to find out who killed him. The girl is a handful and reminds Vic of herself. Thus, a sweet mother/daughter bond is created. By the time the film ended, I wanted to see the next chapter. The way Kat’s character was written, you just know she would grow up to be like Victoria. Well, enough years have passed and I think it would be amazing to see a second film of V.I’s daughter following her mom’s footsteps.


2nd pair is Victoria & Murray. It’s clear throughout the film that Murray cares for Victoria beyond the realm of friendship. The only problem is, Murray thinks the world revolves around “his pecker”, (watch the movie!). However, when Victoria’s life was in danger he was willing to face it with her and risk his own to save her. In doing so, it seems as though something changed inside him. I think watching the lengths Victoria went through to save Kat made him more conscious of how selfish he had been towards her and in general. I have every reason to believe that once Murray healed from his injury, the only place his pecker would reside is Victoria’s neck of the woods. That being said, I’d love to actually see it happen, as well as seeing Victoria and Murray being Kat’s parents.

The rain, old phone, all the red & them:)



Alias (TV Series September 30, 2001-2006)

I met J.J. Abrams through Felicity, stayed with him for 4 seasons, then followed him to Alias for 5. Easily, these are two of my most unforgettable shows that just stays with me and that I can watch again and again. Through the well thought out stories, perfectly tied together mysteries, missions and beautiful bonds… the one that stands out the most is Sydney & Irina. After watching the scene below & when Irina sends Sydney the message, “Truth Takes Time”, there is no way Irina would have chosen Rambaldi over Sydney & Jack. They gave her a conscious & heart. This was the shows only failing to me and they deserve a proper ever after. Including Irina & Jack. Watching the mans hungry eyes always glued to his wife and yearning to be nurtured, begs for the ever after. No fact checking is needed to share how divine it was for viewers to see Irina enjoy teasing her husband, knowing how much he still crushed on her after all these years. Abrams, a 2 hour Alias movie with the star cast, including the ones carried over from Felicity, would heal our wounds and even make us proud to have the battle scar!









Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin (Airdate: November 19, 1989)

There’s something so divine about a sinister couple who can accept & adore each other’s devilish ways:) Linda is the wife of the man who’s murdered, Stewart is the son of the man who’s murdered and both are suspects. While they both have solo scenes, they were only seen as a couple for a minute and sixteen seconds, out of an hour and 36 minutes. But, the small bite they provided me with had a very big taste! The scene left me smiling, laughing at their mischievousness and biting my bottom lip… thinking I want more! I thought, what if a family member of the murderer decided to take revenge years later by going after the intended victim, Stewart? How interesting & different would it be to revisit a great story from the past, conjuring up an original new movie rather than another remake?! I think Linda & Stewart’s vintage still has a big taste and that they would be delicious in their ever after… in an hour and 36 minutes of their own:)


Point of No Return (Airdate: March 19, 1993) pppp

After recruiting a female menace to society, with no direction, her recruiter grooms and teaches her discipline. The end result is a fitting assassin and now also a fitting human being who wants a normal life. Even before the transformation, Maggie’s handler Bob saw something inside her that deserved care. She in return felt his care. They both knew if things were different, it would be no one else in the world to keep them apart. The love was an unselfish kind. Perfectly illustrated as Bob reports back to the agency that Maggie died, while watching her escape. Watching this ending reminded me of the scene when Bob tells Maggie that he was recruited as well and felt the same way she did. From this, the viewer knows that Bob would leave if he could to be in love with Maggie, but also because he wants a normal life as well. Maggie & Bob deserves their ever after and I’d love to see them in their ever after with Nina Simone singing to them in the backdrop. My ideal for a “Point of No Return 2” would be the agency being in dire need & Maggie being the only one who can handle the task. Bob recruits her for the agency & they handle the mission so well that he earns his freedom to finally be with Maggie.


“The Golden Girls” Remake?

By: The Washington


September 14, 1985 is the date that four little ladies issued out a storm, releasing large amounts of heart, hilarity, and an energy that still engulfs many today. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, colored the pages of Susan Harris’ story, “The Golden Girls”. The story is about the lives and interactions of four older women who were all married and are now roommates, sharing their up’s & downs. Dorothy is an intricately cut puzzle with a missing piece and simply wants the guy who’s the exact matching piece to her puzzle. Her mother Sophia always has laughable input that she never minds sharing. Rose is still the protected from the world young maiden type, who is accidentally witty, with a child like manner that makes her easy for everyone to love. Blanche is the sassy southerner who believes finding Mr. Right takes a lot of hard work. I imagine that’s why the many different guys on her arm, never survived the tasks. Lol !

When the (comedy, drama) sitcom premiered, Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Betty White (Rose) were 63. Rue McClanahan (Blanche) was 51 and Estelle Getty (Sophia/Dorothy’s mother) was 62… and for 7 seasons, they brought these unforgettable characters to life! Just discovering that Lifetime has remade the 1988 girlfriend film (that always makes me sob at the end), “Beaches”!.. it got me thinking. If Lifetime were to remake, “The Golden Girls”, who would make the perfect cast today? Then I conjured up the perfect list:) Let me know if you agree!


Pictured in the photo from left to right is Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan & Estelle Getty.


Pictured in the photo from left to right is Deidre Hall, who has the perfect precision to capture Dorothy’s attitude & complexities. The actress has mentioned in interviews that she’s loved dry/silly humor for years, including playing the comical, been around the block character Hattie Adams on the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives.” Lucy Lawless is Rose! Who doesn’t remember those insanely, funny, moments that Lucy intentionally put into Xena’s often serious character?! Lucy has also brilliantly played multiple comical, contrasting characters in single episodes, leaving the viewers to experience flawless exchanges between the look alikes. She’s a naturally gifted comic, who shares a likeness in humor to Deidre Hall. I personally think together they would be an epic comedy pair for the show. Phylicia Rashad is Blanche reincarnated & has the perfect amount of sassiness. Ellen Burstyn has that same brand of spunk that fuels the character Sophia.

Lifetime, you know how you remember a couple of actors you love and just knew it would’ve been epic if they were in a movie together?! That’s exactly how I feel about the actors on this list. I need this!





Remembering Caroline Benson

By: The Washington


∫arah ⌡oy ℬrown 🔗 ⊂aroline ℬenson


Viewers watched this lost and hurt kid come into town causing hell & havoc for one single reason… Her birth mother’s affection & love. What I find beautiful and rare about your Carly is that the relationship with her mom was just as sacred as her relationship with Sonny. Where most females would base a decision around their romantic counterparts, or choose them over their family and friends, Carly wouldn’t. She would always consider her mother first in any situation and would never hold Sonny or anyone else at a higher degree. This part of her defined the core of the real Caroline Benson, that many Port Charles residents didn’t understand. She wasn’t the labeled vixen or trouble making witch, but a vulnerable girl needing love & guidance… a girl who could drug her friend AJ, pour booze all over him to make him think he relapsed on alcohol again, so he would forget sleeping with her and couldn’t claim her baby. Then at the same time, would struggle with her conscience everytime she did a great wrong… Unlike other females in Port Charles, the painted saints, who often had duel personalities behind closed doors, Carly was different. She’s illustrated with no masking when she tells Robin about Jason, “If I want a mink coat, I ask for it.” I don’t play games like going off to Paris, thinking it’s gonna teach him a lesson & provoke him to come after me…

Yet, she’s a girl who recognized true goodness in others, like Lila Quartermaine, and who would save a life if it needed saving… like Sonny Corinthos. She wasn’t afraid to vent out his darkness with her light and compel him to meet her at a place where they slowly mended each other’s hurts. Then sewed together a family where “Blood is thicker than water” had no weight. Between her, Michael, Sonny, Jason & her momma, was an unbreakable bond and family. The way you structured Carly to relate to each of them, made me feel as though I was some nosy neighbor standing outside her window watching everything, and it was an immaculate telling. Especially the way Carly mothered baby Michael before you actually became a mom in real life yourself… the way she gradually transitioned her romantic feeling for Jason to such an intimate friendship, that finally his loyalty to her would never pale in comparison to his loyalty towards Sonny. It was a friendship unlike any other, anywhere. It was like they spoke a language exclusive to only them and the care was raw, because of the threading Carly impelled into him.

dark-penthouseThe way she left Sonny with no other choice, but to steal her & love her:) Different from the past females in his life, it was Carly who understood him completely. While she had this great strength that could stand up to him and pull him back from the darkness that the mob & his past held over him… she also held a deep care in her eyes that only Sonny could eventually see. A care so deep that when she sat beside him in that empty penthouse, with his glass cut hand from smashing a bottle, and in his dark state… the fear she felt wasn’t for herself, but for him. She wanted him to be ok, and not only did he feel her care, but viewers saw it beaming from her eyes into his. Your character compassion fueled into him so strongly that Maurice’s reaction through Sonny told us, he already felt the guilt from wanting to take Carly away from Jason. Easily seen when Jason opens the Penthouse door and Sonny quickly gets up from the couch as if he already sinned against his friend. You constructed it so well that I personally had no choice, but to forgive Sonny’s actions. In this moment, not only did Sonny recognize her compassion, but he could now add this quality with the loyalty he saw her give Jason in general & concerning the mob. This attribute was something he never received from both Brenda & Hannah. Even beyond the loyalty and physical attraction, it was original Carly who shared such an emotional intimacy with him that it was lyrical to composer Martin Davich’s Carly & Sonny theme. Being the foundation of their characters, their beautiful history became the words to the music and their exchanged glances sung the lines… I truly believe the words were, Caroline Benson… Michael Sonny Corinthos… No one has ever loved the way that we have. No one has our eyes, our music or history. No one can ever touch or tarnish what we built, not even time.

While there’s electric currents in each of you, these scenes and many others wouldn’t have reaped a fire this huge without you in them. Unforgettable was your portrayal and immaculate tale. Thanks for allowing us to watch the beautiful construction of Caroline Benson. We’ll never forget it.



“Aged Wine… Request to Hallmark”



Being dazzled & delighted by the Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Movie selections, {personal faves “My Christmas Dream” & “A Nutcracker Christmas”} I couldn’t wait to find out what the next countdown would be like. So, I visited the site and discovered the “Countdown To Valentine’s Day” section! There seems to be five new original movies, and the previous selection for 2016. While I found both selections attractive, they were also very inspiring… Looking at each appealing title of interest and enjoyably viewing the previews for “Love Locks”, “Anything For Love” and “All Things Valentine”, I started picturing some of my favorite golden age actors (aged 50 & above) and visualized the many ways they would utilize their talents to bring stories like these alive. I thought how intriguing & delicious would it be to see them leading in more romantic, comedy stories like these and becoming Hallmark regulars!

Speaking from the perspective of a female in her early 30’s, I’ve always been inspired by older actors and fascinated by their sense of self awareness, the way they love and handle situations with their crowns of knowledge. While they become teachers to the younger generation they still actively live their own lives, and I’d love to see more stories of them living that life.

With that thought in mind, I made a special request list to Hallmark that you’ll find below:) Let me know what you think!

Deidre Hall 

Hallmark’s “My Christmas Dream”, “Dr. Marlena Evans Of Our Lives”, “Our House” & Perry Mason: The Case Of The All-Star Assassin

And, she even looks good with guys half her age!



Renee Jones

“Santa Barbara” & “Days Of Our Lives”


Fiona Hutchinson

“Guiding Light”, “One Life To Live”& “The Bay”


Lauren Koslow…

is her name, and “Kate Roberts” is the character she made famous. She was never on Cheers, but I think everybody knows that name.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” & “The Young and the Restless”


Colin Firth 

Mr. Darcy of “Pride & Prejudice” is plenty :)


Chris Noth

“Mr. Big” can stand alone.


With there being so many Hallmark Original Movies & countdowns that I look forward to, I hope the 2017 countdowns and seasons will include some of these amazing, iconic, golden age actors who transcends time!