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Louise Sorel and Deidre Hall shared more than just scenes together on Daytime Soap Opera, Days of our Lives. Both actresses also starred in the drama, fantasy, horror TV Series, Night Gallery. The three segment episode aired December 1, 1971. Louise Sorel starred in the 1st tale, Pickman’s Model. Deidre Hall starred in the 3rd tale, An Act Of Chivalry. The stories are short, but rare, enjoyable treats. For people who love the actresses you’ll appreciate the early becoming of these revelations that came to be.

Night Gallery; An Act Of Chivalry

Night Gallery; Pickman’s Model

Days of our Lives



Perhaps Forgotten? Unforgettable Daytime Stories



Port Charles: The Players; Debbi Morgan as Dr. Ellen Burgess and Mitch Longley as Dr. Matt Harmon

The Story:

Seemingly unreachable and tough as nails, Doctor Ellen Burgess, is supervisor of the interns at General Hospital. Wheelchair ridden, Doctor Matt Harmon is one of her interns. When a criminal sets Ellen up to look as though she let him die while under her care, Matt believes her and helps to prove her innocence. In return, Ellen helps Matt when he faces discrimination as a competent surgeon, due to him being confined to a wheelchair. Even though Matt seeks out advanced medical equipment to help with mobility, he’s assigned to a desk, and Ellen reminds him to fight back the way he did for her. She also helps him through his witness protection threat. Creeping in her vicinity, is a growing care beyond friendship for Matt… who makes it clear that he wants to date her. But Ellen is a professional and refuses to date an intern. She also refuses to admit that what she feels is beyond the call of duty. But soon, Matt breaks down the walls of his supervisor, and reveals a pulling, even humorous story, (the way they bicker and talk), that should have continued being nurtured.


Days of Our Lives: The Players; Deidre Hall as Doctor Marlena Evans and Mark Drexler as Roger Lombard

The Story:

At first, Roger seems an abusive, uncaring husband and father, with an alcohol problem to Doctor Evans. But as Roger is about to be harshly prosecuted, Doctor Evans discovers a talented person, who lost his way, buried underneath the result of his family problems. The more she frees Roger from his emotional prison, helps him to face his problems and inspires him to paint again… the more insecure and unbalanced his wife becomes. Usually able to recognize the warning signs, Marlena failed, because while helping Roger, she was also suppressing her own personal problems. Thus, Marlena would be kidnapped by Roger’s wife Stella, which ultimately initiates the most epic love affair in Daytime history… when John Black aka The Pawn, saves his Doc.


Guiding Light: The Players; Maureen Garrett as Holly Norris and Michael Zaslow as Roger Thorpe

The Story:

The most compelling part of their story was Roger’s need of redemption and forgiveness from Holly… He faced his wrong and spent his life wanting to take every hurt away that he caused her. Without her, he seemed to feel as though he was still unforgiving and took his frustrations out on other women. I wish they could have continued to grow together. As Maureen and Michael says in the interview, settling past problems in the midst of self growth and learning to communicate is a never ending process. Allowing them to stay together would have still been an interesting story.

The actors talk about Holly & Roger


Fascinating Daytime Characters, listed in The Washington’s Hall Of Fame

The Young & the Restless: 1990-2007 Drucilla Barber, played by actress Victoria Rowell… Dru entered Genoa City as a runaway teen, who picked the pocket of detective, Nathan Hastings. The caring detective would soon become like the hotel butler in Pretty Woman, and turn Drucilla exactly into that, inside and out. Watching Victoria Rowell blossom this kid with pigtails, into a young woman, was an exceptional play… and I could watch it over and over again.


Guiding Light: 1991-2009 Bridget Reardon, played by actress Melissa Hayden… Sit back and let the picture tell the story. Credit goes to Spauldingfield for making the character profile.


The Young & the Restless: 1992-2003 Sheila Carter, played by actress Kimberlin Brown… When nurse, Sheila Carter, set eyes on Lauren’s husband, Scott, she decided she had something special that Lauren didn’t have, and that he’d be more satisfied with her. We soon found out, it was a distinctive brand of crazy! After drugging, taking advantage of him, having and losing his baby, she would steal Lauren’s child to raise as her own. Eventually, being found out, Sheila fled Genoa City and started over again in LA… land of The Bold and Beautiful, setting her sights on Eric Forrester. There, Kimberlin Brown, played crossover character Sheila Carter.


General Hospital: 2008-2009 Claudia Zacchara, played by actress Sarah Joy Brown… The complex, broken, misunderstood, mobster with a conscious was just as exquisite as Sarah Brown’s Carly… before she was written out of character. She deserved a better fate.


Guiding Light: 1997-2009 Jenna Bradshaw, played by actress Fiona Hutchison… The Jewel thief who redeemed herself and shined care onto the citizens of Springfield. Credit goes to Spauldingfield for making the character profile.


As the World Turns: 1992-1993 Debbie Simon, played by actress Sharon Case… While she’s known for her longtime role as Sharon Collins on The Young and the Restless, I can’t forget her as the manic-depressive girl, Debbie, on As the World Turns. It offered a very unique side to Sharon Case’s acting, much different from her role as Sharon Collins.



Rage of Angels…What could have been?💭



Deidre Hall:Jaclyn Smith

I was introduced to Sidney Sheldon’s Rage of Angels by Jaclyn Smith. I’d like to think that my favorite angel who rides in on a motorcycle, then takes off her helmet releasing the power of her hair, took me by the hand and said… watch me… And as a girlfriend supporting and admiring her fabulous friend, I enjoyed my girl’s performance just as much as the movies. When the curtains closed, my want for Adam to devote himself to Jennifer and their child disappeared. This want was only established, because of the sensitivity Jaclyn fueled into Jennifer. Her sadness and hunger for Adam made me share the characters hope for a proper relationship with him. But ultimately, Adam was a weak, selfish, fraction of a man. Jennifer needed a whole one and Adam needed to pay for hurting her and wasting her years on him. Now readers, while I know very well that the story was supposed to play out the way that it did:) Somehow, I felt that maybe if another actress was playing the part of Jennifer, Adam could have gotten what he deserved. The writer says with a devilish smile…

What Adam had

What Adam needed

Jennifer was this sweet, intelligent, want to do the right thing, sensitive, young lady… But, Adam needed a woman who could slay, break down fractions with a purr, one of her many gestures or simply the way she stares and says ones name… He needed some time in the special Hall, that belongs to Deidre… and trust me, the outcome of the movie would’ve changed. For me, it’s almost like the divine Bette Davis playing the part of Scarlett, when the role required something that only the exquisite Vivian Leigh could provide… Bette actually auditioned for Scarlett, but Leigh in fact got the role. Could you imagine how different the movie would have been if Davis actually got the part? It would have had a different feel to it… The same way the feel of Jennifer Parker would be very different if Deidre Hall played the role. Here you have this angelic, sweet face female who could turn up a high voltage of attitude like a light switch, all while having this resistance is useless persona. I feel she would have been the justice to Adam that Jennifer deserved and because she was the actress in the role, it would have inspired a better ending… Deidre Hall as Kate Michaels, in OP Center justifies my suggestion. Ironically enough, actor Ken Howard, who played Adam to Jaclyn Smith’s Jennifer Parker in Rage of Angels, also played The President to Deidre Hall’s Kate Michaels in OP Center.

Kate & The PresidentKate & The President 2







The capture of Jennifer Parker’s vulnerability



Hall portraying The President’s disloyal mistress in OP Center, offers a taste of what could have been if she was able to play Jennifer Parker and make a man out of Adam. It also brought to mind a wonder of what sort of sparks she would have set off with Michael Nouri in Part 2, due to the unique way she adapts herself to each male she works with… I even thought the idea of Nouri as Adam could be interesting…. And I can almost picture the beauty of how she would have handled the mobsters in the story continues, giving the fact that no one does attitude and allure quite like Deidre Hall. But make no mistake, I loved Jaclyn’s portrayal of Jennifer Parker. To me, Jaclyn has this thing that demands you to watch her in whatever she’s in. She also seems to carry an awareness in her eyes, that the camera has kept a crush on her for all these years and her appreciation of it is heavy when she looks into the lens. So, no matter what character she plays, you feel her… At the same time, I’ll always wonder what it would have been like if Deidre played the role.



The Gifts: Wandering Souls

Excerpt from The Gifts: Wandering Souls Coming Soon to Amazon Books!
By: The Washington

The Gifts Emerald & Knight

Unable to meditate on it anymore Emerald crawled in bed and finally drifted off. Twenty minutes hadn’t passed before she began tossing and turning again. Slowly coming through, the visual of Knight’s presence in front of her made her gasp. “Don’t scream.” He requested in a low, but firm manner holding Emerald’s gun. Unable to recognize it as her own, she was only overcome by the fact that he was holding one and followed his order with inquiry. “Shouldn’t you be in hiding after what happened yesterday? Why are you here?”

“To return this. It’s empty.” Knight said, then tossed it onto the bed. Trembling inside by his erratic behavior, and not knowing what to expect from him she needed answers. “So you break into my apartment past midnight to bring back my gun?”

“Not just that. You never told me why you couldn’t sleep, only that when you can’t you make late night trips to CVS.” The complexity of his character shortened her air supply. Half of him was ardent and the other manic. He was frightfully and desirably consuming, which made him terrifying to anyone normal. The fact that he believed his actions were normal angered more than confused her and she showed it. “What are you? And what is this exactly?”

“I couldn’t sleep. You won’t stay out of my head.” His answer was honest, though he seemed to be filled with frustration by what he felt. Knight’s response was far from what Emerald expected to hear and caught her off guard, but it was something that needed to be addressed immediately. It had to be made clear that whatever expectations he had would not be met and certainly not with her. She picked herself up from the bed, stood directly in front of him and admonished him. “Listen well. You’re no different from the people in prison. You’re just a criminal that hasn’t been caught yet and will never be of interest to me.”

“I don’t hurt innocent people.” Knight defended himself with a brick wall that Emerald knocked down.

“What was Caleb!?”

“No good! He wouldn’t have come to me if he was good like Kay. I chose this life because I had too. I didn’t have a choice.”

“You felt you didn’t, and so did Caleb. Just own your wrong once like a man and not be a child anymore.” Furious by that word again he pushed her against the wall, but restrained from hitting her. Instead, he threw his fist to the wall. At her gasp, he warned her. “I’m not a girly little child dad. I just don’t want you to hurt mom. Then don’t let me see no more tears boy! For every one that falls I’m gonna hit her again… I heard that until he killed her. So, never say that to me again.”

She wanted to say she was sorry, but couldn’t form the words to do so without crying. The only thing she could do was stare, but Knight saw the tension in her face and heard her anyway. With her expression pulling him back from further fury he grabbed a hold of her fore arms and forced her back down on the bed. Seeing him crawl onto the bed with her, her heart pounded with fright, but she managed to enforce a firm “no” without screaming. Now beside her, he pushed her fighting arms downward, turned her back to him and laid down behind her. Realizing now that he had no intention of hurting her, she laid there until he fell asleep. It was no more than fifteen minutes before she heard him breath out in sleep. Emerald eased out of the bed and sat down under the window across from it. Watching him intently, going over everything said and done, she realized he was the recipient of the undelivered message that day. Not knowing how to deliver it and unsure of how she felt about delivering it… Emerald balled herself up and watched him sleep.


Read book 1 of The Gifts here, while you’re waiting for book 2! https://www.amazon.com/The-Washington/e/B071Z7391P/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_18?qid=1494910272&sr=1-18


It’s a Man’s World

By: The Washington

This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing… without a woman or a girl.


You know we do it better than the boys, so where’s ours?! For each male contributor… Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’ve got a female action hero to match the greatness of each. I’m picturing Cher’s Woman’s World playing in the backdrop and these females rocking out their talents, making all the bad boys scream.

The Expendables Female Version

Ryoko Yonekura: Outburn, The Negotiator

Kate Beckinsale: Underworld


Kate Beckinsale

Sarah Joy Brown: Monster Hunters USA & Daycare Center, VR Troopers

Sarah Joy BrownSarah Joy Brown VR Troopers

Angelina Jolie: Salt

Zoe Saldana: Colombiana

Zoe Saldana