Perhaps Forgotten? Unforgettable Daytime Stories



Port Charles: The Players; Debbi Morgan as Dr. Ellen Burgess and Mitch Longley as Dr. Matt Harmon

The Story:

Seemingly unreachable and tough as nails, Doctor Ellen Burgess, is supervisor of the interns at General Hospital. Wheelchair ridden, Doctor Matt Harmon is one of her interns. When a criminal sets Ellen up to look as though she let him die while under her care, Matt believes her and helps to prove her innocence. In return, Ellen helps Matt when he faces discrimination as a competent surgeon, due to him being confined to a wheelchair. Even though Matt seeks out advanced medical equipment to help with mobility, he’s assigned to a desk, and Ellen reminds him to fight back the way he did for her. She also helps him through his witness protection threat. Creeping in her vicinity, is a growing care beyond friendship for Matt… who makes it clear that he wants to date her. But Ellen is a professional and refuses to date an intern. She also refuses to admit that what she feels is beyond the call of duty. But soon, Matt breaks down the walls of his supervisor, and reveals a pulling, even humorous story, (the way they bicker and talk), that should have continued being nurtured.


Days of Our Lives: The Players; Deidre Hall as Doctor Marlena Evans and Mark Drexler as Roger Lombard

The Story:

At first, Roger seems an abusive, uncaring husband and father, with an alcohol problem to Doctor Evans. But as Roger is about to be harshly prosecuted, Doctor Evans discovers a talented person, who lost his way, buried underneath the result of his family problems. The more she frees Roger from his emotional prison, helps him to face his problems and inspires him to paint again… the more insecure and unbalanced his wife becomes. Usually able to recognize the warning signs, Marlena failed, because while helping Roger, she was also suppressing her own personal problems. Thus, Marlena would be kidnapped by Roger’s wife Stella, which ultimately initiates the most epic love affair in Daytime history… when John Black aka The Pawn, saves his Doc.


Guiding Light: The Players; Maureen Garrett as Holly Norris and Michael Zaslow as Roger Thorpe

The Story:

The most compelling part of their story was Roger’s need of redemption and forgiveness from Holly… He faced his wrong and spent his life wanting to take every hurt away that he caused her. Without her, he seemed to feel as though he was still unforgiving and took his frustrations out on other women. I wish they could have continued to grow together. As Maureen and Michael says in the interview, settling past problems in the midst of self growth and learning to communicate is a never ending process. Allowing them to stay together would have still been an interesting story.

The actors talk about Holly & Roger



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