Fascinating Daytime Characters, listed in The Washington’s Hall Of Fame

The Young & the Restless: 1990-2007 Drucilla Barber, played by actress Victoria Rowell… Dru entered Genoa City as a runaway teen, who picked the pocket of detective, Nathan Hastings. The caring detective would soon become like the hotel butler in Pretty Woman, and turn Drucilla exactly into that, inside and out. Watching Victoria Rowell blossom this kid with pigtails, into a young woman, was an exceptional play… and I could watch it over and over again.


Guiding Light: 1991-2009 Bridget Reardon, played by actress Melissa Hayden… Sit back and let the picture tell the story. Credit goes to Spauldingfield for making the character profile.


The Young & the Restless: 1992-2003 Sheila Carter, played by actress Kimberlin Brown… When nurse, Sheila Carter, set eyes on Lauren’s husband, Scott, she decided she had something special that Lauren didn’t have, and that he’d be more satisfied with her. We soon found out, it was a distinctive brand of crazy! After drugging, taking advantage of him, having and losing his baby, she would steal Lauren’s child to raise as her own. Eventually, being found out, Sheila fled Genoa City and started over again in LA… land of The Bold and Beautiful, setting her sights on Eric Forrester. There, Kimberlin Brown, played crossover character Sheila Carter.


General Hospital: 2008-2009 Claudia Zacchara, played by actress Sarah Joy Brown… The complex, broken, misunderstood, mobster with a conscious was just as exquisite as Sarah Brown’s Carly… before she was written out of character. She deserved a better fate.


Guiding Light: 1997-2009 Jenna Bradshaw, played by actress Fiona Hutchison… The Jewel thief who redeemed herself and shined care onto the citizens of Springfield. Credit goes to Spauldingfield for making the character profile.


As the World Turns: 1992-1993 Debbie Simon, played by actress Sharon Case… While she’s known for her longtime role as Sharon Collins on The Young and the Restless, I can’t forget her as the manic-depressive girl, Debbie, on As the World Turns. It offered a very unique side to Sharon Case’s acting, much different from her role as Sharon Collins.




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