Rage of Angels…What could have been?đź’­



Deidre Hall:Jaclyn Smith

I was introduced to Sidney Sheldon’s Rage of Angels by Jaclyn Smith. I’d like to think that my favorite angel who rides in on a motorcycle, then takes off her helmet releasing the power of her hair, took me by the hand and said… watch me… And as a girlfriend supporting and admiring her fabulous friend, I enjoyed my girl’s performance just as much as the movies. When the curtains closed, my want for Adam to devote himself to Jennifer and their child disappeared. This want was only established, because of the sensitivity Jaclyn fueled into Jennifer. Her sadness and hunger for Adam made me share the characters hope for a proper relationship with him. But ultimately, Adam was a weak, selfish, fraction of a man. Jennifer needed a whole one and Adam needed to pay for hurting her and wasting her years on him. Now readers, while I know very well that the story was supposed to play out the way that it did:) Somehow, I felt that maybe if another actress was playing the part of Jennifer, Adam could have gotten what he deserved. The writer says with a devilish smile…

What Adam had

What Adam needed

Jennifer was this sweet, intelligent, want to do the right thing, sensitive, young lady… But, Adam needed a woman who could slay, break down fractions with a purr, one of her many gestures or simply the way she stares and says ones name… He needed some time in the special Hall, that belongs to Deidre… and trust me, the outcome of the movie would’ve changed. For me, it’s almost like the divine Bette Davis playing the part of Scarlett, when the role required something that only the exquisite Vivian Leigh could provide… Bette actually auditioned for Scarlett, but Leigh in fact got the role. Could you imagine how different the movie would have been if Davis actually got the part? It would have had a different feel to it… The same way the feel of Jennifer Parker would be very different if Deidre Hall played the role. Here you have this angelic, sweet face female who could turn up a high voltage of attitude like a light switch, all while having this resistance is useless persona. I feel she would have been the justice to Adam that Jennifer deserved and because she was the actress in the role, it would have inspired a better ending… Deidre Hall as Kate Michaels, in OP Center justifies my suggestion. Ironically enough, actor Ken Howard, who played Adam to Jaclyn Smith’s Jennifer Parker in Rage of Angels, also played The President to Deidre Hall’s Kate Michaels in OP Center.

Kate & The PresidentKate & The President 2







The capture of Jennifer Parker’s vulnerability



Hall portraying The President’s disloyal mistress in OP Center, offers a taste of what could have been if she was able to play Jennifer Parker and make a man out of Adam. It also brought to mind a wonder of what sort of sparks she would have set off with Michael Nouri in Part 2, due to the unique way she adapts herself to each male she works with… I even thought the idea of Nouri as Adam could be interesting…. And I can almost picture the beauty of how she would have handled the mobsters in the story continues, giving the fact that no one does attitude and allure quite like Deidre Hall. But make no mistake, I loved Jaclyn’s portrayal of Jennifer Parker. To me, Jaclyn has this thing that demands you to watch her in whatever she’s in. She also seems to carry an awareness in her eyes, that the camera has kept a crush on her for all these years and her appreciation of it is heavy when she looks into the lens. So, no matter what character she plays, you feel her… At the same time, I’ll always wonder what it would have been like if Deidre played the role.




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