The Gifts: Wandering Souls

Excerpt from The Gifts: Wandering Souls Coming Soon to Amazon Books!
By: The Washington

The Gifts Emerald & Knight

Unable to meditate on it anymore Emerald crawled in bed and finally drifted off. Twenty minutes hadn’t passed before she began tossing and turning again. Slowly coming through, the visual of Knight’s presence in front of her made her gasp. “Don’t scream.” He requested in a low, but firm manner holding Emerald’s gun. Unable to recognize it as her own, she was only overcome by the fact that he was holding one and followed his order with inquiry. “Shouldn’t you be in hiding after what happened yesterday? Why are you here?”

“To return this. It’s empty.” Knight said, then tossed it onto the bed. Trembling inside by his erratic behavior, and not knowing what to expect from him she needed answers. “So you break into my apartment past midnight to bring back my gun?”

“Not just that. You never told me why you couldn’t sleep, only that when you can’t you make late night trips to CVS.” The complexity of his character shortened her air supply. Half of him was ardent and the other manic. He was frightfully and desirably consuming, which made him terrifying to anyone normal. The fact that he believed his actions were normal angered more than confused her and she showed it. “What are you? And what is this exactly?”

“I couldn’t sleep. You won’t stay out of my head.” His answer was honest, though he seemed to be filled with frustration by what he felt. Knight’s response was far from what Emerald expected to hear and caught her off guard, but it was something that needed to be addressed immediately. It had to be made clear that whatever expectations he had would not be met and certainly not with her. She picked herself up from the bed, stood directly in front of him and admonished him. “Listen well. You’re no different from the people in prison. You’re just a criminal that hasn’t been caught yet and will never be of interest to me.”

“I don’t hurt innocent people.” Knight defended himself with a brick wall that Emerald knocked down.

“What was Caleb!?”

“No good! He wouldn’t have come to me if he was good like Kay. I chose this life because I had too. I didn’t have a choice.”

“You felt you didn’t, and so did Caleb. Just own your wrong once like a man and not be a child anymore.” Furious by that word again he pushed her against the wall, but restrained from hitting her. Instead, he threw his fist to the wall. At her gasp, he warned her. “I’m not a girly little child dad. I just don’t want you to hurt mom. Then don’t let me see no more tears boy! For every one that falls I’m gonna hit her again… I heard that until he killed her. So, never say that to me again.”

She wanted to say she was sorry, but couldn’t form the words to do so without crying. The only thing she could do was stare, but Knight saw the tension in her face and heard her anyway. With her expression pulling him back from further fury he grabbed a hold of her fore arms and forced her back down on the bed. Seeing him crawl onto the bed with her, her heart pounded with fright, but she managed to enforce a firm “no” without screaming. Now beside her, he pushed her fighting arms downward, turned her back to him and laid down behind her. Realizing now that he had no intention of hurting her, she laid there until he fell asleep. It was no more than fifteen minutes before she heard him breath out in sleep. Emerald eased out of the bed and sat down under the window across from it. Watching him intently, going over everything said and done, she realized he was the recipient of the undelivered message that day. Not knowing how to deliver it and unsure of how she felt about delivering it… Emerald balled herself up and watched him sleep.


Read book 1 of The Gifts here, while you’re waiting for book 2!



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