Tina Turner & Cher: Special Request

Throughout the years, they’ve shared performances, a special bond and icon status in the purest form = two distinctive female rockers who are unable to be duplicated and ruled through the decades of music. Back in 1975, Tina Turner and Cher performed together on the “Cher” show, in 1977 on the “Sonny & Cher” show and at Caesar’s Palace with Oprah in 2008. With these unforgettable shares in mind, I just recently discovered another. Cher released the strong willed and heartfelt song “Games” in 1982, on the album “I Paralyze” and Tina Turner covered it. After listening to both amazing versions of this timeless song and realizing that it’s April 8, 2017! 20 days away from the anniversary air-date that they performed together on “Cher”, April 27, 1975… It made me sentimental and provoked me to pen a special request to Tina & Cher for a new recorded track together & live performance!


Readers! below you’ll find both versions of the song. Let Tina & Cher know what you think and just how much you love the dynamic of this duo!

Cher singing “Games”

Tina Turner singing “Games”

In the same year of 1985 Tina Turner starred in the movie Madmax Beyond Thunderdome & Cher in the movie Mask. I’ve wondered several times why these two haven’t been paired in a movie together?! I’m putting the idea out there, so someone please start writing it!!!!!


Tina Turner & Cher Divas Live 1999



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