Ever Afters…

By: The Washington


I’d rather original works be continued, rather than be remade. Here are some of the TV/Movie character couples I want to see more of in their ever after and who deserves a proper one…

V.I. Warshawski (Airdate: July 26, 1991)

With penned projects, there’s nothing more satisfying than all compartments of a written work being beautifully designed. This exquisite building that housed the two couples I love, was structured to give off a classic noir appeal and it did in each arrangement. Vic’s slick & clever dialogue, the locations; like the docks and The Golden Glow Cocktail lounge where she asked Sal for, “the shoes”…The romantic element, the unexpected & everlasting bond. The characters. The actors. The story. It’s a piece where each compartment evenly carried its weight and introduced two memorable couples I’d like to see more of.

The 1st pair is Victoria and Kat… Kat is the daughter of Victoria’s new boyfriend, who is murdered, leaving the girl in Victoria’s care. Distraught about her dad, she hires Victoria (a private investigator) to find out who killed him. The girl is a handful and reminds Vic of herself. Thus, a sweet mother/daughter bond is created. By the time the film ended, I wanted to see the next chapter. The way Kat’s character was written, you just know she would grow up to be like Victoria. Well, enough years have passed and I think it would be amazing to see a second film of V.I’s daughter following her mom’s footsteps.


2nd pair is Victoria & Murray. It’s clear throughout the film that Murray cares for Victoria beyond the realm of friendship. The only problem is, Murray thinks the world revolves around “his pecker”, (watch the movie!). However, when Victoria’s life was in danger he was willing to face it with her and risk his own to save her. In doing so, it seems as though something changed inside him. I think watching the lengths Victoria went through to save Kat made him more conscious of how selfish he had been towards her and in general. I have every reason to believe that once Murray healed from his injury, the only place his pecker would reside is Victoria’s neck of the woods. That being said, I’d love to actually see it happen, as well as seeing Victoria and Murray being Kat’s parents.

The rain, old phone, all the red & them:)



Alias (TV Series September 30, 2001-2006)

I met J.J. Abrams through Felicity, stayed with him for 4 seasons, then followed him to Alias for 5. Easily, these are two of my most unforgettable shows that just stays with me and that I can watch again and again. Through the well thought out stories, perfectly tied together mysteries, missions and beautiful bonds… the one that stands out the most is Sydney & Irina. After watching the scene below & when Irina sends Sydney the message, “Truth Takes Time”, there is no way Irina would have chosen Rambaldi over Sydney & Jack. They gave her a conscious & heart. This was the shows only failing to me and they deserve a proper ever after. Including Irina & Jack. Watching the mans hungry eyes always glued to his wife and yearning to be nurtured, begs for the ever after. No fact checking is needed to share how divine it was for viewers to see Irina enjoy teasing her husband, knowing how much he still crushed on her after all these years. Abrams, a 2 hour Alias movie with the star cast, including the ones carried over from Felicity, would heal our wounds and even make us proud to have the battle scar!









Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin (Airdate: November 19, 1989)

There’s something so divine about a sinister couple who can accept & adore each other’s devilish ways:) Linda is the wife of the man who’s murdered, Stewart is the son of the man who’s murdered and both are suspects. While they both have solo scenes, they were only seen as a couple for a minute and sixteen seconds, out of an hour and 36 minutes. But, the small bite they provided me with had a very big taste! The scene left me smiling, laughing at their mischievousness and biting my bottom lip… thinking I want more! I thought, what if a family member of the murderer decided to take revenge years later by going after the intended victim, Stewart? How interesting & different would it be to revisit a great story from the past, conjuring up an original new movie rather than another remake?! I think Linda & Stewart’s vintage still has a big taste and that they would be delicious in their ever after… in an hour and 36 minutes of their own:)


Point of No Return (Airdate: March 19, 1993) pppp

After recruiting a female menace to society, with no direction, her recruiter grooms and teaches her discipline. The end result is a fitting assassin and now also a fitting human being who wants a normal life. Even before the transformation, Maggie’s handler Bob saw something inside her that deserved care. She in return felt his care. They both knew if things were different, it would be no one else in the world to keep them apart. The love was an unselfish kind. Perfectly illustrated as Bob reports back to the agency that Maggie died, while watching her escape. Watching this ending reminded me of the scene when Bob tells Maggie that he was recruited as well and felt the same way she did. From this, the viewer knows that Bob would leave if he could to be in love with Maggie, but also because he wants a normal life as well. Maggie & Bob deserves their ever after and I’d love to see them in their ever after with Nina Simone singing to them in the backdrop. My ideal for a “Point of No Return 2” would be the agency being in dire need & Maggie being the only one who can handle the task. Bob recruits her for the agency & they handle the mission so well that he earns his freedom to finally be with Maggie.