“The Golden Girls” Remake?

By: The Washington


September 14, 1985 is the date that four little ladies issued out a storm, releasing large amounts of heart, hilarity, and an energy that still engulfs many today. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, colored the pages of Susan Harris’ story, “The Golden Girls”. The story is about the lives and interactions of four older women who were all married and are now roommates, sharing their up’s & downs. Dorothy is an intricately cut puzzle with a missing piece and simply wants the guy who’s the exact matching piece to her puzzle. Her mother Sophia always has laughable input that she never minds sharing. Rose is still the protected from the world young maiden type, who is accidentally witty, with a child like manner that makes her easy for everyone to love. Blanche is the sassy southerner who believes finding Mr. Right takes a lot of hard work. I imagine that’s why the many different guys on her arm, never survived the tasks. Lol !

When the (comedy, drama) sitcom premiered, Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Betty White (Rose) were 63. Rue McClanahan (Blanche) was 51 and Estelle Getty (Sophia/Dorothy’s mother) was 62… and for 7 seasons, they brought these unforgettable characters to life! Just discovering that Lifetime has remade the 1988 girlfriend film (that always makes me sob at the end), “Beaches”!.. it got me thinking. If Lifetime were to remake, “The Golden Girls”, who would make the perfect cast today? Then I conjured up the perfect list:) Let me know if you agree!


Pictured in the photo from left to right is Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan & Estelle Getty.


Pictured in the photo from left to right is Deidre Hall, who has the perfect precision to capture Dorothy’s attitude & complexities. The actress has mentioned in interviews that she’s loved dry/silly humor for years, including playing the comical, been around the block character Hattie Adams on the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives.” Lucy Lawless is Rose! Who doesn’t remember those insanely, funny, moments that Lucy intentionally put into Xena’s often serious character?! Lucy has also brilliantly played multiple comical, contrasting characters in single episodes, leaving the viewers to experience flawless exchanges between the look alikes. She’s a naturally gifted comic, who shares a likeness in humor to Deidre Hall. I personally think together they would be an epic comedy pair for the show. Phylicia Rashad is Blanche reincarnated & has the perfect amount of sassiness. Ellen Burstyn has that same brand of spunk that fuels the character Sophia.

Lifetime, you know how you remember a couple of actors you love and just knew it would’ve been epic if they were in a movie together?! That’s exactly how I feel about the actors on this list. I need this!






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