Remembering Caroline Benson

By: The Washington


∫arah ⌡oy ℬrown 🔗 ⊂aroline ℬenson


Viewers watched this lost and hurt kid come into town causing hell & havoc for one single reason… Her birth mother’s affection & love. What I find beautiful and rare about your Carly is that the relationship with her mom was just as sacred as her relationship with Sonny. Where most females would base a decision around their romantic counterparts, or choose them over their family and friends, Carly wouldn’t. She would always consider her mother first in any situation and would never hold Sonny or anyone else at a higher degree. This part of her defined the core of the real Caroline Benson, that many Port Charles residents didn’t understand. She wasn’t the labeled vixen or trouble making witch, but a vulnerable girl needing love & guidance… a girl who could drug her friend AJ, pour booze all over him to make him think he relapsed on alcohol again, so he would forget sleeping with her and couldn’t claim her baby. Then at the same time, would struggle with her conscience everytime she did a great wrong… Unlike other females in Port Charles, the painted saints, who often had duel personalities behind closed doors, Carly was different. She’s illustrated with no masking when she tells Robin about Jason, “If I want a mink coat, I ask for it.” I don’t play games like going off to Paris, thinking it’s gonna teach him a lesson & provoke him to come after me…

Yet, she’s a girl who recognized true goodness in others, like Lila Quartermaine, and who would save a life if it needed saving… like Sonny Corinthos. She wasn’t afraid to vent out his darkness with her light and compel him to meet her at a place where they slowly mended each other’s hurts. Then sewed together a family where “Blood is thicker than water” had no weight. Between her, Michael, Sonny, Jason & her momma, was an unbreakable bond and family. The way you structured Carly to relate to each of them, made me feel as though I was some nosy neighbor standing outside her window watching everything, and it was an immaculate telling. Especially the way Carly mothered baby Michael before you actually became a mom in real life yourself… the way she gradually transitioned her romantic feeling for Jason to such an intimate friendship, that finally his loyalty to her would never pale in comparison to his loyalty towards Sonny. It was a friendship unlike any other, anywhere. It was like they spoke a language exclusive to only them and the care was raw, because of the threading Carly impelled into him.

dark-penthouseThe way she left Sonny with no other choice, but to steal her & love her:) Different from the past females in his life, it was Carly who understood him completely. While she had this great strength that could stand up to him and pull him back from the darkness that the mob & his past held over him… she also held a deep care in her eyes that only Sonny could eventually see. A care so deep that when she sat beside him in that empty penthouse, with his glass cut hand from smashing a bottle, and in his dark state… the fear she felt wasn’t for herself, but for him. She wanted him to be ok, and not only did he feel her care, but viewers saw it beaming from her eyes into his. Your character compassion fueled into him so strongly that Maurice’s reaction through Sonny told us, he already felt the guilt from wanting to take Carly away from Jason. Easily seen when Jason opens the Penthouse door and Sonny quickly gets up from the couch as if he already sinned against his friend. You constructed it so well that I personally had no choice, but to forgive Sonny’s actions. In this moment, not only did Sonny recognize her compassion, but he could now add this quality with the loyalty he saw her give Jason in general & concerning the mob. This attribute was something he never received from both Brenda & Hannah. Even beyond the loyalty and physical attraction, it was original Carly who shared such an emotional intimacy with him that it was lyrical to composer Martin Davich’s Carly & Sonny theme. Being the foundation of their characters, their beautiful history became the words to the music and their exchanged glances sung the lines… I truly believe the words were, Caroline Benson… Michael Sonny Corinthos… No one has ever loved the way that we have. No one has our eyes, our music or history. No one can ever touch or tarnish what we built, not even time.

While there’s electric currents in each of you, these scenes and many others wouldn’t have reaped a fire this huge without you in them. Unforgettable was your portrayal and immaculate tale. Thanks for allowing us to watch the beautiful construction of Caroline Benson. We’ll never forget it.




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