“Aged Wine… Request to Hallmark”



Being dazzled & delighted by the Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Movie selections, {personal faves “My Christmas Dream” & “A Nutcracker Christmas”} I couldn’t wait to find out what the next countdown would be like. So, I visited the site and discovered the “Countdown To Valentine’s Day” section! There seems to be five new original movies, and the previous selection for 2016. While I found both selections attractive, they were also very inspiring… Looking at each appealing title of interest and enjoyably viewing the previews for “Love Locks”, “Anything For Love” and “All Things Valentine”, I started picturing some of my favorite golden age actors (aged 50 & above) and visualized the many ways they would utilize their talents to bring stories like these alive. I thought how intriguing & delicious would it be to see them leading in more romantic, comedy stories like these and becoming Hallmark regulars!

Speaking from the perspective of a female in her early 30’s, I’ve always been inspired by older actors and fascinated by their sense of self awareness, the way they love and handle situations with their crowns of knowledge. While they become teachers to the younger generation they still actively live their own lives, and I’d love to see more stories of them living that life.

With that thought in mind, I made a special request list to Hallmark that you’ll find below:) Let me know what you think!

Deidre Hall 

Hallmark’s “My Christmas Dream”, “Dr. Marlena Evans Of Our Lives”, “Our House” & Perry Mason: The Case Of The All-Star Assassin

And, she even looks good with guys half her age!



Renee Jones

“Santa Barbara” & “Days Of Our Lives”


Fiona Hutchinson

“Guiding Light”, “One Life To Live”& “The Bay”


Lauren Koslow…

is her name, and “Kate Roberts” is the character she made famous. She was never on Cheers, but I think everybody knows that name.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” & “The Young and the Restless”


Colin Firth 

Mr. Darcy of “Pride & Prejudice” is plenty :)


Chris Noth

“Mr. Big” can stand alone.


With there being so many Hallmark Original Movies & countdowns that I look forward to, I hope the 2017 countdowns and seasons will include some of these amazing, iconic, golden age actors who transcends time!



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