“A Nutcracker Christmas”

To me, Sascha Radetsky just rolls off the tongue sounding… smooth, sharp & chic. The pronunciation of his name seems to capture the essence of his dance, as well as the flash of his crystal blue eyes and toned, masculine stance. I remember him as charismatic dancer Charlie from the ballet film, “Center Stage” in 2000, and will now follow him to Hallmark’s, “A Nutcracker Christmas” 2016. While never actually seeing any of the Nutcracker films before, I always had the intention to watch, just never got around to it. But now that Hallmark has added its holiday sparkle, signature flair, and provided the opportunity to see Sascha Radetsky flutter in the air, I’m there!

Whether you’re a dancer or not, Center Stage is a movie for anyone who loves the art of dance and enjoys watching the craft. “A Nutcracker Christmas” seems to also share this trait. The only difference is, the touch of Christmas makes things more magical & brighter! And, then there’s Sascha Radetsky, who I can’t wait to see become a dad like figure to little Sophie, while romancing his former girlfriend and most importantly, the stage! I hope all my cyber buddies across the states will be cuddled up with your favorite hot drinks and watching with me. Don’t forget “A Nutcracker Christmas” airs tonight at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel!

While you’re waiting check out “A Nutcracker Christmas” preview below & memorable scenes from one of its stars in Center Stage.

“A Nutcracker Christmas”

“Center Stage”





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