Message to my fellow TieHards


I’ve wondered if the name #TieHard is relative to the movie title name DieHard? The main character that the movie centers around, John McClane, is a person who doesn’t give up, he’s had several things happen to him, but he didn’t die and is a hard person to kill. That could very well give meaning to the name. Also, about the name origin, Wikipedia says this…

“The phrase die hard was first used during the Battle of Albuera (1811) in the Peninsular war. During the battle, Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis of the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot was wounded by canister shot. Despite his injuries, Inglis refused to retire from the battle but remained with the regimental colours, encouraging his men with the words “Die hard 57th, die hard!” as they came under intense pressure from a French attack”… I thought, how cool is that to have a likeness of names. And, how much more cooler is it, to fight the same way for what we love. So, I think we should TieHard with a vengeance! (And yes, that’s another connective movie in the series, “Die Hard with a vengeance”.

I know we’re all busy, but as much as time allows us, lets share with “PureFlix” the things we’d like to see in season 2, if it’s granted to us.

With Heart,

The Washington💋


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