“It Never Used To Snow In Salem”

By: The Washington






Recently, I took a stroll back to Salem, looking for the Pier, Dot-Com, St Luke’s, Marlena & John’s Penthouse, old talk, phrases and familiar faces, but I got lost in the cold. It never used to snow in Salem, but there was too much of an interference & poor signal for me to find my way home. It only used to reign, heavily from the clouds painted on the actor’s faces. Their artistry was not evasive, but a compelling revelation, that demanded it be watched… the environment, elements, dialogue, improv, captivating presence, character maintenance and the ability to speak with eyes not shallow, but a soulful speak… Days… the cast and show was truly one of the most unique.

When I got back on the road and started away from the reconstructed Salem of 2002, even more in 2009 & 2011 to 2016, somehow the signal came back and I could see. Every structure, including that establishment of the Brady’s, created by John Black in 1992, was sadly demolished, after the heartbeat stopped in 2002. I realized, the only place old Salem lives, is in the hearts of fans who remembers the sustaining quality of the show. I pictured the faces of each character from the gold era, the few still present and the ones who aren’t… I wondered why they weren’t there, and since they’re not currently in Salem, where are they now?… To each artist, actor & writer, the masterpieces you created will always hang on the chambers of my heart. You told me the best stories.

Hattie & Samantha

Vivian Alamain & Tony DiMera

Tony DiMera & The Woman in white

Stefano DiMera & Peter Blake (Kristen’s Brother/Stefano’s Adopted son)

Roman Brady & Mickey and Maggie

Marlena & Celeste


Lucas & Gina

Lexi Carver

Kristen DiMera

Eric Brady & John Black

Kate Roberts

Carrie and Sami Brady & Bo Brady

Belle Black & Brady Black

Alice Horton



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