“Attractive Discoveries”





My one word summary after watching the 1st season of, “Ties That Bind”, is volcano. Each episode leading to the final, developed more build up than the previous. It constructed a volcano that eventually would erupt, with a burning hot lava, in season 2. Now let me tell you what the boiling points were, and the ones that will burn memorable imprints if PureFlix grants a season 2.

No. 1 The potential of Allison & Devin becoming more than just close friends. The chemistry between both actors is strong and the strength of their connection is seen in every exchange. When Allison was suspended, actor Dion Johnstone showed viewers that Devin felt and shared Allison’s hurt and disappointments. He carried the burden with her and did his part in getting her back to work. But, not only does he share her hurts… when Allison is happy, Devin is happy. What I believe the writer has intricately sown into the fabric is their friendship possibly becoming a threat to Allison’s marriage.

The thread is seen in episode 7 when Matt enters, “The Burger Butler”. His eyes scans the place and finally sets on his kids. He smiles, then scans to Allison & Devin in a close huddle talking. In that moment, Matt displays some feeling that couldn’t provide the same smile that blossomed, when his eyes met the children. To Allison & Devin, their friendship is pure and they know they can rely on each-other. Nothing else has crossed their minds and that’s the most interesting element. Because, when it finally surfaces, it will catch them off guard and erupt a whole lot of hotness from that volcano. It will also be an excellent learning piece for married couples. Communication is a must and so far we know Matt feels something about Allison and Devin’s bond, but it has yet to be communicated or explored.

{There’s also, so many things to love about this scene. Jeff’s protectiveness towards his mother is the sweetest! Mitch does an excellent job providing a tender heart and strength when his loved ones are threatened. I adore the way each steps in and protects. It’s a true family unit.}

No. 2 The good girl Rachel and bad boy Chris… Chris might be trouble, but Rachel is not easily influenced. She has the potential to get Chris on the right track if Allison doesn’t freak out and forbids them from getting to know one another. But, like any good mom, she has to and the prohibited sign was clearly laid out in season 1, after shaking Chris’ hand. This makes me wonder if Chris will create trouble for Rachel, because he feels she and her family thinks he’s not good enough? Another thought is… when everything is said and done, will Rachel eventually be able to influence him to be someone worthy, who deserves a chance with her? I think they’re cute! And, so is Jeff ready to protect his sister!

No. 3 What will become of Cameron while he’s missing?! These unfolds makes for a highly impacting and dramatic season 2, that I hope PureFlix can give vision to.


Other elements I enjoyed…

Rachel and Cameron’s back & forth. They make me laugh.

The way Matt admires and cares for his wife & Allison’s tenderness towards him.

Allison’s Moves! & I’d like to see her brother Tim eventually make up for all the times he let her down.

Allison & Devin’s Friendship


I enjoy the entire cast, as well as the show & hope I provided enough supporting evidence for you to agree, season 2 is a must!



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