“Wishful Thinking!”💡

📁Marlena  📁Orpheus

ℳ & º 


Pictures may speak a thousand words, but nothing speaks louder than Deidre Hall and George DelHoyo’s non verbal communication….

Daggers were thrown and threats were made, as fireworks spouted in the air, insinuating something else was there. Something else was exchanged… Could it be that Orpheus regrets refraining himself from being helped by Marlena? And, not just because of the loss of his children, but also the possiblity of having her in a fraction of his life. I wonder if his thoughts are, “I lost to him again. To John.” because I walked away from her that day. I wonder if Marlena’s thoughts are, “He cared about his children and my feelings, but he still chose revenge. Maybe if I tried harder I could have helped him.” Maybe what they both exchanged at the station was shared disappointment? It seems “letdown” fueled resentment and the need to hurt each-other, to compensate for the impossible. But, when you look into their eyes after each takes a stab, their non-verbal communication loudly speaks, “Impossible.”

Wishful thoughts… 💡

That ℳ & º forms an unbreakable bond and offers a scenario that makes John jealous. It would be a refreshing change to see this from a couple of this age range, along with the tale centered around amazing historical characters. One doesn’t always have to stay bad to be good…

Resentment & Highly Flammable Sparklers. Off The Charts Chemistry & The Next Best Thing Since Her & John.

Both Their Consciences

He knows she cares, as a doctor & a woman

I hope one of O’s treats is a kiss from Marlena. I’m sure that’s all the cure he needs! We all know the good doctor has always been the villains kryptonite. Love that about her character. #Smooches 💋

The Big Letdown


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