Kate Roberts Aka “Money”

There’s only one way to define her… “Money.” Kate Roberts is supposed to look like a million bucks in a briefcase, freshly wrapped and cut. Her jewels and outfits sparkle like diamonds laid upon a small velvet pouch. She’s a tycoon whose past experiences sharpened her mind, strength and sass. She’s elegant, while sharp and shrewd, with a provocative sexiness that has no bounds. Her edge is what’s seen when she slips into her clothes and utilize her devices. It’s not something displayed in her adornment. For example, Money aka Kate would never own a personal box of blue hair dye, or have a nail artist design one of her ten fingers to capture the epitome of Halloween.

Her nails would be french tipped, solid or look like this.


She sparkles like the diamond she is… Stunning & multifaceted.


She has sexy tousled or polished hair and dresses like this.

Ken Corday, this is another note for wardrobe, that antiques should be valued by constant upkeep. Please aid in believability of character by polishing antique number LK/63. From  loyal fan, The Washington.



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