“She Hasn’t Changed, So Why Should Her Attire”

“She Hasn’t Changed, So Why Should Her Attire”

Since the scripts have been revamped, can the antiques be polished too? This is a special request from The Washington, asking, “How about bringing back the old and throwing out the new?!” With this amazing new writing for the vets, let’s aid the rise of viewership by returning the iconic characters back to the people we knew. Nothing makes a show more engaging and enticing than the realism of character display. For example, this is Marlena Evans today…d1

In this picture you’ll find her relieved, drinking coffee and wearing the clothes someone’s grandmother gave her, because she was robbed of her own. John finally found her and is about to take her shopping, because he knows who Marlena Evans really is. “A sassy doctor (in both appearance and skill) whose love & passion for John is just as deep as the depth of heart she gives to her patients. She’s effortlessly alluring to men of all ages, confidant in John’s love for her and aware of how she still tantalizes him.” Who she is, should reflect her image and her image has always been this…

Her suits are elegant, sassy & feminine.

   Her blazers are sharply cut with a relaxed fit. She requires pockets on her slacks to slip her hands inside & exude her cool.

She loves to play with collars & sassy collared shirts.

She has a thing for elegant hoodies, as well as casual and relaxed.

She only sleeps in satin.

She wears small polished earrings… Pearls, loops, flats & coins.

Before Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Marlena always found a way to wear white!

She loves her hair. Smoothing it behind her earrings, pinning and curling it up.

She misses her favorite brown leather jacket & going through her collection of snazzy jackets.

Antique aka iconic veteran = A work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age. Ken Cordey, please send this note to wardrobe for maintenance of antique number 68/DH!



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