Days Of Our Lives September 30, 2016


Last Friday, I saw you… I saw Mayor Carver commanding. I saw what both you and the other veterans did with the script that was handed to you, as you always do. From the moment Abe is at the station telling Hope and Rafe that he resents them for telling him how to do his job, that the day he cowards to the likes of Orpheus by doing a press conference indoors he’s longer fit for office, to him walking from behind the podium, being shot and Marlena calling out his name… I flashed-back and it had nothing to do with Friday, but everything to do with history. For a brief moment Marlena and Abe were friends again…

Watching an already sick Kayla determined to make her way over to her family like friend Abe and his head held in Marlena’s hands while Kayla tended to him gave me tingles. They were the beaming moments in the episode and as always you highly experienced actors were all I could see…

You know what it’s like? That one guy or person some of us had in our lives that really understood, accepted everything about you, touched you unforgettably and for whatever reason they were taken away from you. You find yourself comparing the new men in your life to that person and realize they’ll never touch you in the same manner, complete you so perfectly or ever replace that person… No one else will do, because that feeling is so potent and stays with you. That’s how it feels when I look at the long time actors. Each of you are truly gifted in a way that no one else could duplicate and were a large component, along with the writers, that fueled the Days vehicle. Rare like love, so are your talents. It’s still there and doesn’t go away…

In my trip to the past through fleeting moments of the vets, I couldn’t help but wonder if the current generation really understood what happened in these scenes. Due to a constant change of writers and unnurtured history I asked myself, “will they ever understand what we know”? What is purpose, without knowing your history and who will teach it? Who will bring past to present utilizing the vets and till the ground for the next generation to grow in at a proper pace? I’d like to think the current writers are willing to listen, so pardon me James while I take em to school…

She’s ancient and carried this mini series practically on her own. God hasn’t tarnished the beauty of our vets, so give them back the screen and let them bare their souls.


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