Orpheus Still Feels


By: The Washington

It’s 1986, the plane is waiting to send her somewhere where John will never find her. Somewhere away from her family, the people who love her and somewhere where she’ll be alone… Her eyes are filled and glassy as Orpheus tells his henchman to take her away. She raises her hand to halt the guy from touching her, walks over and tells Orpheus this… “If you think you’ve succeeded, you’re very sadly mistaken. You can ruin our lives and you can keep Roman (John) and me from ever seeing each-other again. But you can’t do anything about the way we feel… the way we love each-other… you can’t touch it. You can’t even get close to it.”

That was the last thing Marlena said to him, once again lighting a fire inside of him that his demons would blow out. Though he still choose to continue on his path of vengeance and many years have gone by… though he’s still angry and wanting to exact revenge… It’s evident that Orpheus still feels. Somewhere inside him still lies the burn of every word Marlena said to him. And now that he’s finally seen her, the question is, when is Orpheus going to admit to himself and to Marlena that she made him feel something more than his hunger for revenge? Will George DelHoyo’s Orpheus finally explore his feelings for Marlena, while fans begin eagerly awaiting the return of Drake Hogestyn’s John Black?! Dena & Ryan, tell the tale!!! There’s no denying Orpheus’ charismatic, corrupted, but not unreachable, Dr. Marlena Evans touched soul!!!… Ryan, you know this is that kind of adventure you remember growing up. So bring the fire back!!!🔥

The kiss… She doctors him & he listens

He told her goodbye, but came back with her request

He didn’t care, but then he cared…

A little more backstory…


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