“New Plans For Salem”



By: The Washington

In the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest, SOD quoted Days Of Our Lives new head writers on their plans for Salem. What stood out the most for me was Dena Higley’s constant goal of love conquering all and Ryan Quan’s heartfelt share, “I just want to make the show feel like the show I grew up watching, that had a mix of mystery and adventure and romance and fun.” : ) This made me very optimistic for the neglected, but highly regarded couple, who for years have provided that, and have been the very definition of Ryan’s words, “Romance & fun”. Often referred to as the Queen & King of Days, Marlena & John have lead some of the most unforgettable and highly rated stories, such as, “The Tale Of Two Romans” and “The Possession”!!!

A huge part of making the show what it once was, is also “fully” making Marlena and John who they always were. They’re a couple who equally contributes to making the relationship sparkle. Marlena is a sassy doctor (in both appearance and skill) whose love and passion for John is just as deep as the depth of heart she gives to her patients. She’s effortlessly alluring to men of all ages, confident in John’s love for her and aware of how she still tantalizes him. John’s wild spirit never calmed down and neither has his passion for Marlena. His need for her is as heavy as his need to help his friends and citizens of Salem. And, at the beginning, middle or end of the day… angry with each other or not… when they were finally alone together… Deidre & Drake were provided a canvas to paint clear, vivid and beautiful pictures of no ordinary love scenes. Every time John touched her, they exchanged a stare or kiss, the actors made us see them remember and feel the torture of how they felt being kept apart… appreciate the present and relive their 97 reunion over and over again. Being a magnetic couple that time doesn’t tarnish or touch, I’m hopeful (but will still shamelessly) ask Ryan & Dena that fans are allowed to see Marlena and John’s exquisite brand of love again!!!



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