Hallmark’s New Hall-Marked Movie


By: The Washington

Days Of Our Lives icon Deidre Hall, who is also the first performer ever to star in both a daytime & primetime series, is currently placing her mark on her 2nd Hallmark Movie!!! Title “My Christmas Dream”, also known as “Suddenly Santa” is set to air November 19th at nine pm on The Hallmark Channel. What makes this movie even more exciting than Deidre’s first Hallmark feature is that she’s moved from number 7 on the cast list for Hallmark’s “Lucky In Love”, to number 2 in “My Christmas Dream”:) For all of us fans whose hearts have been Hall-marked and left un-nurtured since (the Lucky In Love USA release date April 5, 2014,) this bit of information aids in rejuvenating us fans from the drought of not being able to receive that amazing presence she possesses, which awakens us from the norm. This cast list jump to number two, also seems promising that Hallmark just might have Hall to mark a charming 3rd movie which will raise America’s most beloved actress to number 1 on the cast list!!! Maybe if fans are really good Santa will Suddenly grant us another early, high quality, Hall-marked Christmas gift like “My Christmas Dream”, sealed beautifully with the Hallmark Crown!!!

Moving on to another facet on this jewel is an interesting part of the plot. After reading the summary I discovered that Hall’s character “Victoria” is the owner of McDougal’s flagship department store, with a new location opening in Paris. The new location which also provides a new managers position attracts the current manager of McDougal’s, who then sets out to impress Victoria, by creating the best holiday display in McDougal’s history… Only problem is “Christina” played by delightful actress Danica McKellar, is fresh out of inspiration despite assuring Victoria otherwise… This made me ponder if Hall’s character will have a touch of, you know, that devil who wears Prada in “The Devil Wears Prada”? LOL… I Thought that would be an interesting tackle for her. But, regardless if it’s so or not, without a doubt I know the movie already sparkles with both its leading ladies:) So, don’t forget to mark your calendars for “My Christmas Dream”!!!



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