The Original’s Klaus & Camille

In The Dark

To the Cami & Klaus Writers, you slay demons and darkness with a pen… I see your light despite the picture Julie Plec requested you to paint… “A dark fairy tale” was her request, but yet you captured an emitting purity, that’s seldom seen. The artistry of Camille & Klaus is the most exquisite work of art on prime-time TV. You showed us the chambers of Klaus’ heart, his values & dilemma. You allowed us to actually witness him leave his selfishness behind and truly become a good person. You showed us Camille’s soul, in her need to help everyone around her. The goodness, strength and compassion of an actual woman and the way it affected and inspired Klaus to become a man. Some writers believe they can make an evil character good by stating the wrongs they’ve done, while having them continue in their dirty ways and making excuses for them. As if to say evil is good… Leaving no character development. Shows are ultimately picture books of stories being told… Thank you for the vivid and complete illustration. And, I sincerely hope that Camille and Klaus will reign again, but this time in unending bliss.

For me, Daytime was the only place that harbored the most profound vessels of relationships on TV. James E. Reilly’s Marlena & John and Robert Guza’s original Carly & Sonny provided the best frameworks. Now, there’s two places… Have you any idea what lambency means? “Flickering with a soft radiance. Marked by lightness or brilliance especially of expression.” That’s what this story has made you to me and I ask that you continue to radiate this way. Continue leading lost writers & viewers to a better foundation to build upon. In the same manner Thomas Kinkade will always be known as the painter of light, you’ll always be known as the pens of Lambency to me.

Pens: Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson

Pen: Marguerite MacIntyre

Pens: Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson




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