If you didn’t care for “Heartbeat”, maybe you’ll prefer what appears to be the shows inspiration… Immediately when I saw the promo for “Heartbeat” and heard the words original series, Japan’s own, “Doctor-X” came to mind. Nakazono Miho’s Doctor-X was created in 2012 listing a total of three seasons, with a Special that aired on July 3, 2016 and an upcoming season 4 prepping for a Fall release. The series main character is played by Japan’s “Ratings Queen”, Yonekura Ryoko. The distinctive actress shares the role of “Black Widow” with Scarlett Johanson in “The Avengers” movie series. Yonekura provides the Japanese voice acting. Behind her name also gleams exquisite works of art such as “Kemonomichi”, “35-sai no Koukousei” {The 35 Year Old High School Student}, “Koshonin” (The Negotiator}, “Warui yatsura” and “Musashi”.

Doctor-X focuses on Freelance Doctor Daimon Michiko, who is hope for lost cause patients… she saves them from the hands of immoral, unfit and vain doctors… Being a Freelancer allows Michiko more freedom than her colleagues. They are subject to superiors who abuse authority, while she’s more free by conditions of her contract… Conditions which are often accepted because of her phenomenal surgical skills… A patient diagnosed as inoperable usually means doctors aren’t skilled on advanced procedures that can save their lives… It also means elite hospitals will not take responsibility for a patient dying due to a risky surgery. In order to keep their fame of only having surgical successes intact, they would rather bypass risky procedures. And, this is where Michiko steps in… Any responsibility for failure would fall on the Freelance Doctor who is not officially a member of the hospital. But, the thing is, everyone knows Michiko’s famous saying, “I Never Fail”.




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