EW’s 30 Best TV Bromances/Gal Pals List

The Washington’s 8 Best TV Bromance/Gal Pal List

#1 Carrie & Miranda, ~Sex And The City

“Don’t Let Him Kiss You” One must care enough to be honest. One must care enough to understand… I laughed so hard at the 2nd half! Friends who actually heeds each other’s advice.

“Meet Me At Our Place” Miranda is the one she connects with. Miranda is the one she calls… And, did you feel it too? when Carrie says these are cold and Miranda responds, “So.” as if to say, we aren’t though:)


#2 Marlena & Laura, ~Days Of Our Lives

They’re proof that friendships are just as meaningful as romantic ones & your mates should never get in the way of them. Be it male or female.



#3 Spencer & Hannah, ~Pretty Little Liars

If you look in the dictionary to find the word sister, their picture is there to provide the definition.


#4 Bonnie & Elena, ~The Vampire Diaries

When I hear the phrase “Love someone as you love yourself” Bonnie’s face comes to mind. Whenever Elena hurts, Bonnie hurts. Of all the videos I’ve seen this Vidder captured them perfectly.


#5 Lorelei & Dorothy, ~Gentleman Prefer Blondes

When others see your girlfriend as vain, but you know she just has an appreciation for diamonds, what they can do for her friends well being & her own self care!!! lol at Dorothy smiling at her reaction:)


#6 Felicity & Meghan, ~Felicity

This may be so small to many, but its so big to me. Meghan’s response to Felicity’s mistakes wasn’t labeling her actions as cool. To me it said, we’ve all been there in one way or another. You’ll learn & get through this and when the dust settles, I’ll still be your friend.


#7 Cody, Anita, Eileen & Lilly, ~Bad Girls

When I see this I hear Ben E. King’s 🎶 Whenever I’m in trouble won’t you stand! By me! Oh stand, by me! Girlfriends through thick & thin!  (I have to say I didn’t like the carriage riding over the bible.)


#8 Sonny & Jason, ~General Hospital

I’ve never seen a more profound friendship between two guys. True brothers & no others can compare to me.








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