“The 90’s has left us, but in the Land Of Steel It Exists”


In the now of 2016, TV has become dark, null, unrewarding and bare. Many writers meet at this place, called, let’s sabotage what we created to be beautiful, positive and rare… Originality bled from the soul, and dried into ink on paper, is a thing of the past… Lets trend what’s common, surface and vain… Lets change the blueprint of epic love stories to tainted, dirty the characters and make darkened unions the new definition of bliss… Alas, the 90’s has left us, but in the Land Of Steel it exists.

I remember when stories were told intricately. Character maintenance was immaculate from start, middle to end… Finesse, sophistication and sexy even had a hand in painting thee atmosphere… Love wasn’t only seen in a romantic abstract. Self-care pumped through the veins of characters, demanding self-respect and provoking some positive change. In love stories, we learned the distinction between unhealthy love, and the pure, unselfish, savory kind… We learned, the brand we chose was a reflection of how we felt about ourselves… We were shown the negative and positives in such works as “Changes” and “Family Album”. And we were encouraged to choose the positive, unlike many cold & uncaring stories today.

I miss this place you didn’t just have to enter by opening a hardcover of a Danielle Steel book. An entry to Steel was also on the TV… D.S ‘s words weren’t just strategically arranged for screen. The chosen actors were a precise fit and her trait D.S signified the seal of authenticity, reaping, genuine reality TV.

“Impossible” characters like Sasha teaches some & reminds others the importance of self-discipline, despite that whirlwind type of bliss. While Liam shows us the difference between the transitioning of a boy and the becoming of a man. We’re shown the art of nurturing, specifically to each-others needs. The quality of existing, knowing who you are & exchanging both your stories for each other to read. Rather than some common pretend game, before the actual reveal…

In the mist of character assassination of Shonda Rhime’s Olivia & Fitz, Marlene King’s Spencer & Hanna sister-ship; their soul mates and Days Of Our Live’s infinitely beautiful Marlena & John; being restricted from showing audiences that love over 60 doesn’t end. What better time than now to re-open that TV portal to the land of Steel?! To be granted real TV again with “Impossible” and “Rogue”.

There’s a scene in Impossible that branded my brain and touched my soul. In the same global warming manner that Sasha looks at Liam and into his heart. I’ve only seen actress Deidre Hall exude it, in a way that’s exclusively hers. Even down to Sasha’s calm voice… From their intimate conversation at Harry’s Bar, to the sexy scene on the stairs outside her apartment. Deidre Hall and Chris Hemsworth are Sasha and Liam. Deidre captures Sasha’s warmth, attitude and sexiness, while Chris captures Liam’s innocence, passion & youthful rebellious spirit.








Impossible Page 81

In Rogue… I find it ironic that Maxine Williams is a Doctor! Kind of like “Days Of Our Lives” Dr. Marlena Evans! But, with more intricate frame work to her story. I can’t pretend to imagine any other actress giving life to Maxine as precise as Deidre Hall. Supporting evidence is her recent Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Readers, I’ve set the scenes below. Let me know what you think. To all relevant sources! Open the Steel portal again with DS’s Impossible and Rogue. Let them aid in bringing back the soul of the 80’s, resembling Sydney & Jaclyn’s artwork in Sheldon’s “Rage Of Angels 1 & 2”. Including “Windmills of the Gods”… Let them be the vehicle that drives back the passion, principles and style of the 90’s. And, do yourselves a favor in letting DS & Deidre unleash the art this time around. I’m certain I’m not the only thirsty soul in need of vivid storytelling and  meaningful TV.





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