They say old news is no news… I say, old news just discovered always has a fresh outlook…

Some of The View’s hosts were in an uproar about Stacey Dash’s statement, “We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration, and if we don’t want segregation, then we have to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we’d be up in arms. It’s a double standard. There shouldn’t be a black history month. We’re Americans, period.”

Rather than it being seen for exactly what it was, “a message of awareness”, it was seen as an attack on African Americans. The fact is, Stacey Dash recognizes that civil rights activist like Martin Luther King fought for the equal rights of African Americans. He fought against the separation of people and for the togetherness of all people.

In that same light, I’d like you to ask yourselves this… If you are an actress at an awards ceremony and are only nominated against one secular group of people, by ethnicity, rather than simply racially free genre and you win…. are you really proving that you’re the best in your field? And, more importantly are you proving that you are an equal? The answer to both is no. How can you be equals to any other ethnicity, if you are separating yourselves in secular movie award ceremonies.

If I were an actress, I’d want to be nominated against all actresses of various ethnicity, and show that I’m the best in my field. Limiting certain groups of people limits the value of the win. Have you gained the right to be someone’s equal if you are limiting the competition? Again, the answer is no… The actual result reaped is failure, inadequacy, not good enough to be nominated against other high caliber candidates, unintentional self segregation and self hate, because many African Americans haven’t broken the chains of separation, that are still binding them to the past.

Do you know what also develops from African Americans choosing/accepting to have separated avenues? The idea that all African Americans are one in the same, that if asked a question, ONE can answer for ALL, that there is a “black way of doing things,” and if you don’t fit into this so-called black way, you are not black enough and basically a “wannabe white person”. These ideas are molded into the minds of other ethnicities and impressionable African Americans alike, ultimately pitting AMERICANS against one another and in turn causing more segregation… AMERICANS AREN’T SO MUCH DIFFERENT BY ETHNICITY AS THEY ARE BY LOCATION.

African AMERICANS, you live in “the land of the free” where equality is a right. When your rights are threatened/taken away, you fight to obtain them. Rosa Parks was “tired” of the inequality in America when she chose NOT to sit in the back of the bus. Don’t allow yourselves to be treated differently and don’t back down, and choose to create a bus for “colored folks” to ride. Having your own awards ceremony is like sitting in the back of the bus and losing sight of the goal, which is to unite as equals. So, clean fight your way to the show by getting involved in the diversity process of the show. This is the only message Stacey was trying to convey.

While The View’s Co Host Paula Faris seemed to have understood, and tried to explain Stacey’s message to the other hosts, Sunny Hostin cut off her Co Host Paula Faris and wouldn’t even consider her attempt to explain. She also didn’t let her finish. Rather than Sunny trying to understand Stacey and taking her message for what it was, she insulted her. She says it’s the height of hypocrisy that Stacey Dash stated there shouldn’t be a BET, because she had a reoccurring role on BET show “The Game”, and graced the covers of black magazines. But Sunny’s labels and insults towards Stacey were invalid, because she just saw it as a job and privilege of starring on ‘”a TV show” & “magazine publications” versus a “black TV show” & “black magazines” as Sunny did.

When you put it in those terms it changes the meaning and separates. And, while I’m no fan of some of the hosts on FOX who I view as bias, Stacey seems to stand alone as an individual with her own mind, views & insight. A few celebrities have trended, “Who is Stacey Dash” to mock her. Well, I have to ask a question to anyone asking, “Who is Stacey Dash?”… What is Ignorance? My answer is anyone who doesn’t know who Stacey Dash is. She’s someone who believes in the progression of equality, that Martin Luther King fought for, for all people.

She’s someone who knows that entertainment should NOT be racially categorized. Ethnicity can produce a unique story, but it is not a category; The fact remains that Drama is drama, action is action and comedy is comedy. She knows the win is most grand when you are nominated against all talented people. And, if there is any unfairness in anything, to anyone, you fight for it like the civil rights leaders. She knows you don’t give up and accept segregation. She’s someone who demands respect for herself, who enlightens and who should be respected.




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