If Rambo Can Be Renewed… Where My Women At???


It’s amazing that men action heroes seem almost ageless, when they finally have enough stride to climb over that hill. And, the female on their arms, who’s struggling her way to womanhood, seems like a crown of achievement bestowed upon their heads. There’s no odd looks or abnormalities, because this is quite often seen and acceptable… When I saw Sylvester Stallone in the newest Rambo, my eyes bulged! I thought, wow! Having never seen the full movies, only clips, but having the desire to watch… I said to myself, I know this man is old, but he’s very much alive and fit!!!…

This man still wants to make history, and his spirit is ever present! I need to see this! Then also seeing Stallone in The Expendables preview, I envisioned the strength of all the Rockies, Dolph Lundgren as The Russian, Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing drunk, while putting his fight moves on the shadies in Kick Boxer and Jet Li. And, they demanded my attention with their extra spices from being seasoned actors… My insides screamed, “I need to eat!” And yes, it was a tasty treat!!!

I thought, how much more delicious and epic would it be to put the Reanimation Jutsu on “Xena: Warrior Princess”?! Since it’s a fact that women happens to add more heart, passion and attitude than men, why can’t Lucy Lawless and Renee O’ Connor reclaim the roles that they nurtured and gave life to?

The fact that there was an article telling Xena fans that there will be a reboot of the show, but with new leads asks the vital question… Is it different for women action heroes? Are they not allowed the same respect as older male actors?… Since I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the older actors in Soaps, TV Shows and films. As a teen and even in my twenties I looked at them, because the older stars had something extra that people my age didn’t possess… From the way they handled their mates, their movement, how they dealt with situations and their mere existence fascinated me… I couldn’t take my eyes off them and the way they brought life to script.

Remembering these great actors of the past, like Lucy Lawless and Renee O’ Connor, and comparing them to many actors who came after them, the feeling isn’t there… It isn’t there because the newer, younger actors lack the presence of their predecessors. With Lucy and Renee comes a history that they carved with the fine tools of their craft… experience in nurturing characters who became heroines and whose skills told stories in such a way that they even outlived the brilliantly told “Hercules”… and heart, pumping blood put into their characters that compelled us to cry with them, laugh with them and feel the intensity of each journey they took us on.

With Lucy and Renee comes the vital ingredients that only these seasoned actors can cook and serve deliciously. So, again I ask… if Rambo can be renewed, where my women at???

Note to Lucy’s husband… we’re waiting for that tasty meal of a wife of yours and her appetizing friend to return!!! LOL, she’s our hero!!! Xena must live on in the flesh with her best friend Gabrielle and Gabrielle’s last epic battle must not be in vain!!! Additionally, since there’s no Aries without Kevin Smith T_T, Xena should encounter with Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules again. They still have a great history and I love that he helped protect Xena’s baby against the God’s. The show must end with them all continuing to fight the greater good!!! And, it’s a perfect time, because classic shows like the X-Files are returning with its original stars!!! #XENALIVESAGAIN


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2 thoughts on “If Rambo Can Be Renewed… Where My Women At???

  1. Rambo wasn’t renewed, they made a sequel. They could do that because he was still alive at the end of the last film. Xena was shot with arrows and beheaded. Then they did even worse things to both her body and her ghostly spirit.

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