Ties That Bind Crisis

Dear TV Networks,

On January 8, 2016, creator of TV Series “Ties That Bind”, Sheryl J. Anderson posted on her Twitter account that UPtv would no longer be a home to the show. The reason, Sheryl tells us, is that UPtv is changing the direction of their series programming. UPtv is a network dedicated to providing uplifting entertainment and feel good TV for families and “Ties That Bind” did exactly that, exquisitely… Somehow, a show that possesses great family chemistry (rarely seen on TV these days), taught valuable lessons, while exciting us with action, drama & intriguing police cases has become homeless!? If you’ve watched the 1st season of this original scripted series than you know it ended with little Cameron missing! And, you know that it’s been raining and is cold outside!!! Now, to top things off the McLean’s have no home to bring Cameron back to!…

Networks, winter has arrived before us and with resolutions promised to the New Year, I ask and plead for you all to keep your promises in being better people. Keep your promise and be strong hearted enough to provide shelter to a family who has warmed our hearts. I haven’t seen a family drama with this much heart since Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Our House. Please Renew “Ties That Bind” and let them bring back quality family TV.

~The Washington

Creator of “Ties That Bind”, Sheryl J. Anderson’s Tweet to #tiehearts




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