The Curse That Wouldn’t Die…

The Curse That Wouldn’t Die…

Permanence is her name, I say her because a woman can be exquisitely detrimental when slain. Trying to get rid of her seems almost in vain. Oxford made an attempt when closing the book on her, in the Century of one and eight. She turned & gave him face. “Vengeance, on all the likes of you I say! Permanence will grow and spread from land to land. Don’t you know there are others like me from Britain, England, Scotland and Germany. We can’t be made dead, but will live on instead. I curse you, Shitten, ficken, fokken!” 
Now, your people will Americanize my friends & me, by making more use for them and me. In those closed books eventually we will lay and people everywhere will know our names. You will even diminish the root from which some good came. They will be no more, change their meanings and give them new names. We are the expletives, take note our calumny…
BBC says the origin of the F word meaning sexual intercourse is unclear. However, there is a legend that the old name for the crime of rape was ‘Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’, and part of the punishment was that an abbreviation of the crime would be branded on the perpetrators head. A similar story is that during the time of the plague when it was necessary to increase the population a royal injunction was issued telling the common folk to ‘Fornicate Under Command of the King.’ An etymologist even suggested that the old German ‘ficken’ or ‘fucken’ which meant strike or penetrate was related to the F word. As well as fokken used by the Dutch. Their usage meant to breed and was applied to cattle.
What’s interesting is the connection of the F word’s legend, to the highly possible origin of the word Mother Fucker. I’ve read that it is almost exclusively American. The word was apparently coined by African slaves to describe the slave owners who had raped the slave’s mothers.
The origin of shit is an Anglo Saxon word meaning excrete. It’s past participle was Shitten. Shite is an alternative form of the word, particularly used in Scotland, Ireland and Northern England. The derivative Bull Shit is an Americanism, used to mean ‘rubbish’ or ‘nonsense’.
Bastard appears to have been inspired by William the Conqueror’s parents who were not married. Before 1066 he was known as ‘William the Bastard’. After 1066, the Anglo Saxons he conquered would probably still have called him ‘William the Bastard’ for quite different reasons. One theory of the etymology of this insult says that it comes from the French word ‘bast’ as in ‘fils de bast’ meaning son of the packsaddle, which compares with the British English usage of someone being “born on the wrong side of the blanket. Also, while bitch refers to a female dog, the word was often used as a female form of bastard.
The word Ass meaning buttocks or anus, evolved from the British word Arse. Before WW1, people in southern English would pronounce the word “Ass”, meaning donkey, with a long ‘a’, making it indistinguishable from ‘Arse’ in spoken English.
These words have root-age from blistering situations and evolved into unpleasant and harsh usage towards others & in situations. While other words with an intended consequential meaning have likewise became harsh in it’s structure. The Oxford Dictionary that once banned the word refers to profanity as = blasphemous or detestable language. It’s as detestable as the word Nigger= an adjective denoting a black person as early as the 17th century and has strong offensive connotations. Today it remains one of the most racially offensive words in the language. No matter how people try to change or add to it’s meaning , (Nigga=Friend or buddy) the root of it is the same. One can not sugar coat shit, as it is still shit…
The evolution of this curse that wouldn’t die needs to end here. These words of mine are a cure if only you believe. 


One thought on “The Curse That Wouldn’t Die…

  1. Good post. It’s interesting how things change over time… how America was once Native American lands and now it’s “AlittleOfEveryoneFromEveryCornerOfTheEarth” American Lands. Not that that’s a bad thing. LOL. It’s good for people to come together in peace, but other things change for the worse. Unfortunately Good and Evil coexist in this world. Events take place to have negative and positive effects. Somehow it seems like I’ve gotten a bit off topic, one thing made me think of another… ^^; Anyway, awesome piece! It definitely made me think!

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